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He assigned agents who watched her every move rather than the moves of the drug pushers who went untouched. Arguably, the most influential jazz singer of all times, Billie Holiday was beautiful, talented and lived a tragic life.In the midst of all the heartache and tragedy …Billie created and left a matchless style and exquisite legacy you will passionately feel and hear in Carole Freeman’s delivery.Over the past two decades his writing has appeared in over a hundred prominent literary magazines. He achieved the smallest dose of fame during his lifetime.He is a performing jazz trombonist and leads the poetry-jazz ensemble Po Jazz. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum Everywhere you go, you hear the word "cool." In conversations, text messages or marketing pitches. His use of the term "bread" to refer to money or "crib" as one’s home, Lester was the first to use the verb "dig" to describe understanding. Fans recognize his boss Count Basie or his frequent collaborator Billie Holiday.The Saxophone is not standard in a symphony orchestra, but when it does show up at the classical concert hall, the tone usually comes straight out of the Lester Young playbook.

At 16, was praised by Nat Hentoff in Downbeat Magazine’s for his "lusty, inventive" trombone style.You’ll literally hear the sound of Billie Holiday’s heart breaking! Working much of the time in Las Vegas and touring the United States.As "done-in" as she sounds in this portrayal (you can almost smell the gin on Billie’s breath) To her credit, nothing stands between Carole and her listeners. Dare to listen and not care about what it is to be alive; to be human; to own your feelings. He also worked with other bands in Wisconsin and Michigan.In the Army, he wrote his own jazz television show weekly in the U. and served in Viet Nam as one of the dedicated pianists. 904 240-1009This sparkling trio promises to be one of Jazzland’s favorites and a fabulous example of how a traditional piano trio can genuinely captivate you in a most compelling way. A perfect jazz fit that will hug the contours of your heart. She chooses her songs with care, using a keen sense of contrast and tempo to declare the mood and story of each song. Yours is a front row seat to the closing act of the tragic opera that was Billie Holiday's life. You will hear the slurs, the way Carole breaks notes, the way she bends even one-syllable words. The liberty Carole Freeman takes with melodies, the delicious delays ... Sharing the gift and life of Billie Holiday, this is an incredible re-telling and amazing performance by Carole Freeman.Since then he has appeared all over the United States, wowing jazz Lovers with his style and technique. You’ll thrill to their management of the "standards"…. Beautiful and rich blending by Larry Nader on Bass and the Artful, Exquisite, Fabulous foundation by Drummer Scott Mariash. Carole’s charm, style and easy command of her signature behind the beat phrasing is completely enchanting! Chronicling Holiday's last performance at the Phoenix Theatre in New York City on May 25, 1959 …fifty-three days before she was arrested for drug use …in the hospital …handcuffed to her deathbed, then finally dying on July 17, 1959 at 44 years old.

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Defy your soul to be exposed to this compelling performance and not be penetrated by Carole Freeman. He puts a soulful spin on Jazz and blues with phrasing that reminds you of that "Sinatra Swing" we all know and love so much! After having studied Classical Jazz and Voice at the University of South Carolina, Tom Sommerville moved on to Jazz Studies at Oakland University in Detroit. He made it happen as a Bassist and vocalist until a massive stroke brought all of that to a screeching halt in 2007.

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