Funnel theory of dating

Posted by / 13-Feb-2018 05:46

Otherwise, marriage just gives you someone to blame for your unhappiness. This information can help you determine whether she is shielding you from aspects of her personality that you would discover only after you are married.Does the person you are considering as a spouse know how to be happy as a single person? Many future pastors fail to give basic questions such as these the consideration they deserve.When a minister’s spouse has chosen another profession, she may feel her husband’s ministry conflicts with her career goals.

If you are happily married, there is nothing like it.

Once you are physically attracted to a woman, however, it is easy to overlook her history and assume your love for her can more than compensate for whatever is in her past.

It may seem flattering to be the only person in the world who can provide the missing pieces to another person’s puzzle of happiness, even though that person may never have been happy in her entire life.

How can you know if the girl you are dating has won her battle for personal happiness? Why would you want to marry someone who will bring unpredictable moods, hostility, resentment, and depression into your life?

The burden of making such a person happy is too heavy for you to carry until death relieves you of it.

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